Today’s Soups

We’re Back!

MON- FRI Open 11 to 4 today

    • Chicken caesar wrap- grilled chicken, creamy caesar dressing, house made croutons, romaine, parm cheese $9.85
  • Wunderkind is Back
  • Pick up – 
  • Special- watermelon side- cubed watermelon, lemon juice,  crumbled Feta, fresh mint $5
  • Mediterranean chick pea side- cubed cucumber, Sautéed Pepper and onion, Scallion, crumbled Feta cheese tossed in a garlic, lemon oil $7
  • soups


  • Chicken vegetable
  • Creamy tomato basil (vegetarian)
  • NE clam chowder 
  • Specials  for Fri,   6/14


Chicken, barley and spinach 

Spicy linguica chili (g.f)

Curry cauliflower and potato (vegan,g.f)

Gazpacho (vegan,g.f) add. Avo for 1.50