Today’s Specials

Farm side- kale salad, local Kale ( from apponagansett farm) tossed w/tahini dressing. $4

Farm side- roasted local zucchini and summer squash topped w/red pepper and parm cheese -$4


Regular soups

  • Chicken vegetable
  • Creamy tomato basil (vegetarian)
  • NE Clam chowder

Special soups

  • Cream of mushroom w/ fresh herbs (optional blue cheese)
  • Italian tomato vegetable (vegan, g.f) optional parm
  • Cream of broccoli 3 cheese (vegetarian)
  • Chilled avocado and cucumber (g.f)
  • Gazpacho ( chilled tomato soup) ( vegan, g.f) add avo. For $1

Special for friday, july 21