Today’s Soups

    1. We’re Back!
  • MON- FRI Open 11 to 4 today
  • Chicken caesar wrap- grilled chicken, creamy caesar dressing, house made croutons, romaine, parm cheese $8.75
  • Wunderkind is back

Call for pick up

  • Chicken vegetable
  • Creamy tomato basil (vegetarian)
  • NE Clam chowdee

Specials for   Thur, March r

  1. Curry lentil vegetable (vegan,g.f)
  2. Chicken tomato, broccoli and rice (g.f) opt. Parm.
  3. Butter nut squash, apple and sage(g.f)
  4. Southwest chourico vegetable (g.f)