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Soup for you!


  • Southwest chicken wrap w/chicken breast, corn, pico de gallo, avocado, lettuce,  cheddar and chipotle mayo - $8.15
  • Veggie wrap - w/ hummus, cukes, baby spinach, avocado and cooked red pepper-$6.60
  • Chopped salad - romaine, tomato, cukes, corn, gorgonzola, fresh dill, onion - $6.75, w/ chicken, tuna or buffalo chicken salad $8.75

Today's Soups


Chicken vegetable

Creamy tomato basil (vegetarian)

NE Clam chowder


Today's soups


Cream of spinach (vegetarian)

Asian, sweet and sour shrimp

Italian sausage, tomato and cheese tortellini ( optional parm cheese)





Specials for friday, Dec. 2

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Customer Reviews

"Great creamy tomato basil soup, and the grilled cheese is top notch."

Internet Reviewer